FEDSAS is die nasionale verteenwoordigende organisasie vir beheerliggame.  FEDSAS lig in, organiseer, mobiliseer en ontwikkel hul lede om die hoogste internasionale standaarde te bereik en te behou.

ITSI is an EdTech company that puts education first. We bridge the gap between traditional and technology-led teaching; simplifying and enhancing learning with patented solutions that make education visible and integrated. Through our partnership with publishers, educators, students, and parents, our research-supported tools enable learning anywhere, anytime. 


  • Our mission is to empower education through up-skilling and enhancing individuals and institutes. We specialise in online and offline (onsite) Continuing Professional Development on multiple technologies and software currently being adopted and used within the education sector. We specialise in Interactive Technologies and the software associated with delivering interactive teaching and training. Not only are we delivering training on the latest trends and pedagogical approaches that schools, and teachers are using through hardware, software and apps, but the technological trends filtering into the business sector too. All our workshops have SACE
  • Accreditation for CPTD points in South Africa. 

    As a small business, we aim to create a personalised and safe experience for learning and interacting with different technologies. It is important to us that all individuals, whether tech savvy or brand n to tech, are provided with a learning platform that will reach them where they are at. Our trainers tailor their training programmes, taking into consideration levels of experience and prior knowledge that exist.