People behind Bizskills

Darryl Weir


Darryl has 1 3 + years' experience in the South African schools industry. Darryl was co-initiators of the @lantic 7s. He manages events both locally and internationally. Events such as Dubai Rugby 7s, Glenwood Rugby festival and newly launched High School's 7's series. He has extensive experience with the IRB {now world Rugby) development management in Dubai, Middle East and Asia.

Dawid Louw


20 years experience in HR locally & internationally.

Dr. Reaan Immelman

Head of Facilitation and Quality Assurance

Dr Reaan Immelman obtained his PhD in the field of School Marketing from the University of Johannesburg. He is currently the Head of Education at Absa. Previous positions include Dean of Commerce and Campus Director at the Pearson Institute of Higher Education. He authored various international conference papers and journals and was also a part time lecturer at Monash University. He is currently a senate member at the Pearson Institute of Higher Education.

Dawid Louw Jnr


Dawid joined Bizskills in 2016. He manages the operations within the Bizskills framework. Dawid studied in the UK completing his BSc Honours in Sports Coaching before moving to Cape Town in 2014 to complete a postgraduate in Sports Management at the University of Cape Town.



I’m Willemien Vorster. I work for Bizskills and I take responsibility for admin and data logging. I am Married to Freddie Vorster, and we have two boys 18 & 17 years old. I love the outdoors, watching movies and reading. I’m a family person who always put family first, but I am also very driven to perform well at any task that is put before me. My family thinks I am OCD. Love God with all my heart, and I am loyal.


Marichen Mortimer


Marichen is an accredited Coach and Facilitator specialising in Leadership development and corporate wellness solutions. She is registered with the International Coaching Federation, Institute of Directors Southern Africa and Allied Health Professions Council. Another passion of Marichen is her work with Partners for Possibility, an initiative that contributes to the transformation of education in South Africa. .

Rich Simmonds


Rich Simmonds has a deep understanding of social and online communication, and in 2014 published two books on these subjects. Rich consistently ranks among the Top20 Online Influencers in the world, and has a Twitter following of over 500 thousand. Twitter .

Sigi Graham


Sigi Graham has been practicing as a registered Counselling Psychologist for over 15 years. She has gained extensive experience over the years in working with children and adolescents. Her constant involvement with various schools in Pretoria and the exposure from her practice, keeps her abreast of current school and social trends, giving her the insight to better understand the pressures and demands on children, parents and teachers alike. Sigi has been asked to contribute to numerous articles pertaining to parenting and child behaviour for various popular magazines as well as radio station programmes.

Jacqueline Warner


I am a Personal Development Coach, with an authentic passion for supporting individuals and or teams in a meaningful way. I am enthusiastic, compassionate and committed to each of my clients in the various pieces of work that I am involved in. I love to be challenged in areas that I am passionate about, so I appreciate opportunities that offer me the space to learn, grow and make a meaningful difference.

Scott Giles


Scott used to be a teacher and now teaches teachers about technology and teaching trends that are shaping the future of education. Scott taught in the UK for ten years before coming back to South Africa, and during that time he was exposed to the latest technologies that supported and molded not only his teaching but his students' success. The Technology Training Academy focuses on pedagogy within its teaching approach, resulting in a complete training experience for our teachers. Our supportive approach of materials left with you after our sessions, ensure you maximize your earning experience. Scott lives and breathes technology and believes that a teacher of today shouldn't be teaching or doing admin without it

Dr. Dawie Bornman


Dawie is a senior lecturer, researcher and post-graduate supervisor in the Department of Business Management, University of Pretoria (UP), RSA. After studying at the University of Leipzig (Germany), he returned to RSA to re-invest his international experiences in the education landscape. He was named one of seventeen educators in the 2018 Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans, and holds a Doctoral degree (PhD) in Communication Management (UP).ype sp

Desmond Zeelie


Desmond Zeelie is a passionate South African with a heart for education and an ambassador for sustainable change in schools, institutions, organizations and the broader community in South Africa and through Africa. He has contributed invaluably to state and independent school systems in both the classroom as Educator, as Headmaster and now Specialist Consultant.

Kerry Jones


I’m Kerry Jones, of Invisergy Coaching, Life & Business Coach and Facilitator. I’m passionate and strategic about people aspiring to be their best and achieve their goals. I love to explore conversations around possibility with individuals and groups… I graduated with a B.A. HDE and apart from teaching, my interest in Education always engaged me in some aspect thereof. I’m certified with Results Coaching Systems and a member of COMENSA. In addition to personal coaching, I’m a contracted MDP Coach with UKZN EL and have been a Learning Process Facilitator for Partners for Possibility and the Clothing Bank. I’ve published a coaching resource book, Journal to Brilliance and developed a successful workshop, Extreme Exam Prep.

Maree van Zyl


Maree has a diverse background in ICT and eLearning. Beginning as an assistant lecturer in computer and information literacy, he discovered the importance of information and technology literacy for education. This was enriched and expanded on when he moved on to lecturing ICT and educational modules for educational students at the University of Pretoria's Groenkloof Campus. From there he went on to specialise in e-learning at ITSI, firstly as a Support Consultant and then as a Training Facilitator and Coordinator.

Wilhelm Lombard


Wilhelm works with Management teams. Helping them to move from Crises management to High-Performance management with EASE. Middle-managers in particular play a tremendously important role in the success of a business. Unfortunately, they are subjected to the most pressure and stress from the top and the bottom which can lead to adrenaline burnout. 26% of our middle managers are so overwhelmed and exhausted that they just can't encourage, motivate and inspire their teams. The other 63% are soon to follow in their steps. They are mostly in crises management mode. Their days are often "hectic" and uncontrolled, they jump from one crisis to the other and they don't enjoy their work anymore.

Themba Skosana


My Name is Themba Skosana. I am currently completing my Bachelors degree in Education (FET). I started off teaching while studying, this motivated me and made me realize the need for facilitation in developing people. I am currently a Support and Training Consultant for ITSI in the Western Cape and I am happy to say I love what I do. I enjoy seeing others liberated by the knowledge of research based learning and teaching and the application in their lives. I believe that the combination of technology and education facilitated by the best candidates will be revolutionary.

Pieter van Zyl


Peter Anthony


I, Peter Anthony studied at the University of Pretoria and obtained a B.A. Degree, Majoring in English, History and Psychology – a Higher Diploma in Education (HDE) and a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology (M.A. Psych). My background in both educational and psychological fields has enabled me to understand the numerous challenges that all management and educational staff face on a daily basis. In my seminars I have attempted to fuse my knowledge and past psychological and teaching experiences in order to motivate, inspire and educate candidates. I have delivered motivational seminars to a diverse number of companies and institutions and continue to lecture at business colleges on a part-time basis. My presentations illustrate the reality of life and are intended to inspire individuals to make a positive difference to the lives of all people they interact with! In conclusion, I’m married with 2 sons, love spaghetti and the sea and aspire to master the art of surfing one day!